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If unfair opinions and comments about your company show up in Google search results, you must respond quickly.


Before making a purchase, customers often read tens of websites. Even one unfavorable opinion may discourage them at once. And then, all positioning and advertising efforts come to nothing!


This happens if somebody enters “company_name opinions” into Google and sees some hothead venting his anger on your company, even if he is wrong. But such opinion has some impact and results in a decreased number of orders.


Unfortunately, such opinions cannot be removed. But it is possible to make them appear very far in the search results so that hardly anybody sees them.


To avoid such unpleasant situations, we offer the SEO PR service which — to put it mildly — moves unfavorable comments and opinions as far as possible in the search results, so that customers simply don’t notice them.


Additionally, we help to push forward any favorable opinions and comments.


The SEO PR service includes the following activities:


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