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It happens quite often that a website wouldn’t get positioned to a high place in the search results.


What? How come it “wouldn’t”?


Indeed, a website cannot refuse to get positioned, but it may be poorly built and managed from the very beginning. In such case, all efforts are in vain and even the best links cannot move it higher.


It means that it is not optimized in terms of selected keywords. Goggle doesn’t like it and has relegated it to the end of the queue, because it deviates too much from the quality standards.


In such case, we submit the page to a thorough review, known as SEO audit, which reveals anything Google might not like.


If you take advantage of that service, you will get a very detailed report with specific guidelines on what should be changed in order to make sure that the website does not resist to positioning and goes up.


The report describes in detail:


It is worth noticing at this point that the quality of the landing page is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of keywords in AdWords campaigns. And this, in turn, affects advertisement prices and positions. A better page means lower costs and higher positions with the same advertising budget.


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