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A proof that we try hard and are very successful.

"Their team quickly responds to any discovered irregularities in the applications, immediately suggesting possible solutions, and implementing them successfully. We are extremely satisfied with our contacts with Infron, the company we are doing business with on an ongoing basis."

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"We would like to recommend Infron as a reliable, experienced partner, ready to perform any server administration related tasks."

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"They provide the highest quality services, significantly exceeding performance levels we have dealt with before. We are particularly satisfied with their ability to respond immediately to all our queries and requests."

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"We are extremely satisfied with the services delivered by Infron engineers. In particular, we would like to praise them for the accuracy of their decisions, as well as the responsiveness and effectiveness of their actions. Infron has not only solved our mail server problem in a very convincing manner, but has also helped us enhance the skills of our IT team by sharing their knowledge and experience."

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"The service provider has performed all the tasks assigned to them with great responsibility. We are very happy to confirm Infron to be a trustworthy partner that has successfully managed all its assigned tasks."

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"Infron’s engineers have demonstrated their professional skills and due diligence in performing their assignment. Considering our partnership to date, we can recommend Infron as an experienced and trustworthy partner for IT engagements."

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“With our long experience (since 2008) and fantastic employees, we deliver to our customers state-of-the-art technologies with great passion. As a result, our services are at a very high professional level”

Rafał Lemancewicz

company owner

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