Things worth knowing about us

We know what we are doing and we continuously improve it.


We have been providing IT services since 2008. They are always at the highest level because we have that special “something”.

We are fast. We have discovered our IT and marketing passions very early and we develop them all the time. Nothing can tear us away from that. Our spirit will not give in to any problems, because we solve them effectively. And we are always committed to that.

Information technology and online marketing are two fields where changes occur overnight. Those who cannot keep pace, lag behind. If you work with us, you will always have access to state-of-the-art tools and techniques. This give us a great advantage — something we like to have.

Apart from that, we are friendly, which means that talking and working with us is a pleasure. Because we treat business very personally.

Company founder

If somebody makes his first steps in marketing in secondary school and establishes his own business right after leaving high school, he must have that special “something” in him.

Rafał Lemancewicz has that unique gene. There is not enough space here to describe all his interests and achievements, but who is interested in a CV? What matters is experience in marketing and in conducting an IT business. And his experience in that is vast, as confirmed by his history and by the customers.

Additionally, he has that special ability to attract excellent employees who are dedicated to their work and do it masterfully.

Like owner, like company. And the company is unusual.


Mariusz Skowroński

Business IT Support Team


A born IT administrator, although he started his first job only when he was 17. He strikes a perfect balance between a very analytic mind and unlimited creativity in problem solving. Powerfully calm and patient. A white hacker ready for any challenge.

Radosław Karpiński

Online Marketing Department


A specialist in AdWords. Used to work for GroupM, the largest advertising agency in the world, where he managed campaigns for such companies and brands as Leroy Merlin, Visa, Orlen, H&M, Nivea, IKEA, KappAhl, Geberit, and COTY. He knows how to put AdWords to real work and push websites to high positions.

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“With our long experience (since 2008) and fantastic employees, we deliver to our customers state-of-the-art technologies with great passion. As a result, our services are at a very high professional level”

Rafał Lemancewicz

company owner

IT support for companies

Online marketing



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