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Using AdWords advertising at an advanced level: We develop proprietary scripts (programs) that automatically control ad behavior and displaying. This opens great opportunities for adapting ads to their recipients and thus improving effectiveness and saving time and money.


Presented below are short descriptions of selected AdWords scripts used by us on a daily basis.


Modifying the campaign depending on weather conditions


One of more interesting scripts enables changing the advertising rates depending on the current weather conditions at a given location. I fact, weather influences customers’ purchases and we can control the advertising rates.


We are improving the script on a continuous basis and it is now capable of:


Who will certainly benefit from it?


Automatic exclusion of poor-quality target locations from all GDN campaigns


We are in the business for many years and based on our experience, we have created and continuously update a black list of poor-quality pages potentially displaying the GDN advertisements.


What are the benefits? Our scripts make sure that ads are not displayed on pages not frequented by suitable prospective customers, thus eliminating all those clickers who never order anything and only waste the advertising budget. A very helpful feature, isn’t it?


Verification of target addresses


We need to make sure that advertisements do not lead to non-existing pages. Our scripts regularly check all target addresses and do not redirect the customers to pages with Error 404 or pages with the “Product unavailable” information.


The script not only disables the relevant element (such as advertisement), but also labels it and notifies about the incorrect address and advertisement by e-mail.


These functions will be most appreciated by online shops that frequently introduce changes to their websites. We eliminate situations when it is necessary to pay for advertising such incorrect pages.


But that’s not all!

At your request, we can develop a dedicated script.


We will publish information about other scripts on our blog. We encourage you to visit that section regularly.


And of course to contact us on deploying AdWords automation.

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