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IT support for companies

When everything works well, hardly anybody notices the importance of professional IT support. How does it differ from ordinary support?


Firstly, we strive to prevent any hardware and software failures in order to ensure business continuity. The better we work, the less visible we are. Everything just goes as smoothly as it should.


Secondly, we don’t repair failures. We eliminate them together with their root causes, making sure that they never happen again. Every problem has its cause and unless it is identified, it will reappear and cause damage.


Thirdly, we maximize the effective operation of hardware and software. Instead of persuading you to make new purchases, we show you how to better utilize your existing resources and thus save money. We are always ready to give you advice and help.

OPTIONAL: Do you want to replace your server room with a more reliable one, in a professional data center? This will eliminate the costs of maintaining computer and network hardware. You don’t have to worry about purchases and upgrades — these tasks are taken over by the server room administrator. And everything works smoothly without any capital expenditures. We can help you to choose and migrate.


What are the benefits?

  • Lower costs in every area of your operations.
  • Specialist services and knowledge available without employing a full-time IT professional (no annual leaves, sick leaves, social security contributions, training, etc.).
  • Continuous monitoring of your hardware and applications, with rapid response to minor problems which may later result in unpleasant complications.
  • Always state-of-the-art knowledge and IT technologies, since we are always up to date and learn continually.
  • Continuous support for hardware and software to make sure they are always operable; if anything fails, we do our best to minimize downtime.
  • Specialist assistance in your hardware and software purchases and deployments: you are not at the mercy of salespeople who often take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge.


Framework service scope

Our services are always adjusted to the needs and expectations of each Customer. They usually include:

  • Server administration
  • Web application development
  • Server monitoring
  • Data migration
  • High-availability system design
  • Computer network administration
  • System and software deployment


If something is missing from that list, perhaps you want to add it and enjoy our professional IT support?

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“With our long experience (since 2008) and fantastic employees, we deliver to our customers state-of-the-art technologies with great passion. As a result, our services are at a very high professional level”

Rafał Lemancewicz

company owner

IT support for companies

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